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One Exception
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"stop waiting,
stop making excuses for the
dark wires around the rims of your eyes, you
do not owe anyone an
explanation, wear
purple lipstick and pierce your soul with diamonds,
drink lemonade at 4 AM, stop thinking
heartbreak will ripple throughout your skin like
when you’ve got no religion lingering
between the crack of your ribcage, make your own
brew tea and eat toast with strawberry jam,
tell your neighbors hello, ask about their cat, ask
about their marriage, tell them you’re sorry you took
their mail four months ago and never returned it, when
at the grocery store ask the cashier about their day,
ask them if they have kids or if they’re tired or lonely,
and then tell about the story you read your
freshman year in college about a blind fisherman
who caught a golden fish,
wear your mothers wedding dress around the
house, put on your pearls and dance
naked, wash your sheets, wash your hair,
burn his taste off of your skin, find
someone who makes needles grow in your
stomach, someone who think the
freckles on your shoulder are really the
big dipper, the seven sisters,
a constellation of their own, find
someone who you can show this poem to
because you know they’ll respond with
i love you
your eyes are crying licorice (via hopelesslyhealing)

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